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Burn Permits


Burn Notifications

To file a Burning Permit:

  1. Call the fire station at 734-428-9439. Leave your name, address you will be burning at, the days you will be burning (two day max), and a phone number. A notification will be filed from the message, and you will not receive a call back.
  2. Or you can click the Burn Permit link on the Left of this page to fill out an online form. 

Who needs a Permit?
Anyone doing any type of open burning other than a campfire is required to submit a notification.  If you do not and a fire run is sent to your location, you may be responsible for the cost of the fire run.  Burn permits will not issued inside the Village limits, or within 1400’ of the Village limits.

All non-recreational Fires Must Be out by Dark.

Who doesn’t need a Permit?

  • Campfires
  • Fires in approved debris burners (burn barrels)

All persons doing the above must prevent fire from escaping and may be guilty of a misdemeanor if it does escape.

What can a permit be issued for?

  • DNR limits the authority of Fire Departments to issue permits for leaves, grass, brush. Anything else requires a permit from Air Quality. Tires, shingles, plastic, and rubber products are not covered under permits issued by the Fire Department.

Length and time of Notification:

  • Notifications are valid from sun up to sun down daily with a maximum of two days from each call. Notifications can be renewed as needed.

Notifications can be revoked for:

  • Burning out of the daylight hours.
  • Burning illegal items.
  • Causing excess smoke traveling over roadways.
  • Causing excess smoke into a neighbors yard.

Other requirements:

  1. Permittee must take reasonable precaution to prevent escape of fire.
  2. Must have sufficient manpower and tolls to control fire.
  3. Notifications may be revoked if conditions warrant or if the permit fire is deemed a health hazard.
  4. Permittee is responsible for any fees or fines incurred from any burn resultant from non-compliance to any Township of Village ordinances.
  5. Permittee is responsible for determining the suitability of conditions and the safety of the surrounding areas. 

These are basic guidelines used for issuance of permits.  Please remember that special circumstances may arise and must be taken into consideration.  The above guidelines do not pertain inside the Village limits which has its own burning ordinance.

For further information on State burning regulations please check the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality website at and select air quality, and open burning information.

If you have any questions please call 734-428-9439 and leave a message.