Manchester Township, Michigan

Township Officials

Supervisor: Gene DeRossett

   Deputy Supervisor: Ron Mann

Clerk: Danell Proctor

   Deputy Clerk: Linda Milkey

Treasurer: Laurie Carey

   Deputy Treasurer: Emily Tucker

Zoning Inspector: Carl Macomber

Administrative Assistant: Emily Tucker

Township Appointments

Fire Chief: Bill Scully

Fire Marshall: vacant

Board of Review:

   Sybil Kolon - Chair

   Michael Brown

   Todd Fegan

   Linda Milkey - Alternate

Land Division Officer: Ron Mann

Cemetery Sexton: Mike Miner

Contract Services

Assessor: Advanced Assessment Technologies (Pat Zamenski)

Planning Consultant: Carlisle Wortman (John Enos)

Attorney: Jesse O'Jack

Computer Consultant:

Engineer: Engineering Technologies (Ken Cousino)


Southwest Washtenaw Council of Governments (SWWCOG):

   Gene DeRossett
   George Daubner-Planning Commission

Regional Planning Commission: Deena McIntosh

   Alternates: Ron Crampton

Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority: Sybil Kolon

Western Washtenaw Construction Authority: Carl Macomber, Gene DeRossett

Washtenaw County MTA Representative:

Washtenaw County Clerks Association: Danell Proctor

Washtenaw County Treasurers Association: Laurie Carey

Manchester District Library;  Gary Seguin  & Fritz Swanson

Clinton Area Planning: Les Kopka & Sybil Kolon

Irish Hills Planning: Bob Kellum

Auto Heritage Route: Sybil Kolon

Washtenaw County Solid Waste Consortium: Richard Stefani)

Township Webmaster:

River Raisin Watershed Council: Sybil Kolon

The Township Board upon recommendation of the Township Supervisor appoints persons to appointed positions. Please contact the Township Office if you have any interest in any of these positions or would like to help the Township in any other way!!!

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